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About Us

CottonTailCorps is a research-based company driven by innovation and curiosity. The company has a focus on revolutionising the food tech industry through IP protected nutrient-rich alimentary products. Our vision is to address global health and well-being concerns with unique sensory profiles, commercial reach and accelerated innovation.


Happy clients and counting! We work closely with our clients to get the best possible results, maximising profit margins and workforce synergy.


Awards from sectors spanning cyber, hospitality, confectionary and logistics


Projects that started life as Cottontail fledgling ideas currently in global circulation


Combined years expertise from our workforce on the ground all the way up to our Management Team and Founder



a new take on this sweetshop classic - strong flavours for an intense and lasting experience, using our secret formula


a versatile savoury sauce for dipping, marinating and cooking - a quick way to bring something different to your kitchen, and your life

Christmas Crunch!

a collaboration with Badberry’s milk chocolate, this is a bar with a creamy mint centre, spiked with Bah-Humbugs! Also available in all Badberry’s Advent Calendars


a meal-replacement option for everyone hoping to shed a few pounds before the festive season - nutritious and minty with our signature humbug taste


Work with us

CottonTailCorps has high employee satisfaction rates and we are always interested in hearing from talented individuals who can contribute to the company’s mission.

Working with CottonTailCorps is a chance to fulfil your professional ambitions and improve your wellbeing. We asked our employees to share a glimpse of what working here means to them.

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Delivery information

In order to preserve the secrecy of our recipes, our factory is located underground, at a remote location. If you are delivering ingredients, please alert your company contact and they will meet you nearby, at the following co-ordinates: 78°52'02.7"N 18°55'13.4"E

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